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You might have a great website, so do your competitor. Gain competitor advantage by using a complete web analytics package for your website.

Hitsteps Analytics is a powerful real time visitor management and live chat service. It allows the user to monitor visitor streams and follow each visitors’ page views to know more about each page they click. It allow user to engage with their visitors.

Hitsteps born in November 2013. Armin Nikdel was fascinated by idea of real time analytics and was in metrics fields way back in 2010 doing some basic analytics and SEO. Joy of posting a blog page or changing a feature and seeing visitors come to read that page. However existing analytics were not real time, some lack features necessary such as receiving an alert when a visitor visit a specified page. Instead of using different analytics services to achieve this, Armin decided to create his own web analytics using experiences that he gathered through all this years that offer all features he wanted in an user-friendly and easy to use package. Hitsteps is result of Armin's experience in web analytics field and consists of 8 years of development on-site and off-site.

Up until November 2018, Hitsteps Wordpress plugin has been downloaded more than 80k times, Shopify plugin is rated 5 star and more than 2k followrs in Twitter and Facebook.

Hongkiat a famous Malaysian tech news website describe Hitsteps as follows: "Hitsteps helps monitor visitors’ behavior in real-time through heat maps for every page to identify your best-selling point and traffic sources.", Hongkiat continues "It works as a 4-in-1 service for marketers and webmasters by providing web analytics along with live-chat, page analysis, and uptime monitor tools."

Hitsteps has been awareded Experts Choice and Great User Experience in 2017 from FinancesOnline:

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