Hitsteps provides live visitor tracking and website stats for Wix but we currently don't have an app in Wix App market.

To use Hitsteps on your Wix based Website, you simply need to:

  1. Go to Wix App Market
  2. Search for "HTML" app
  3. Add the "HTML iFrame/Embed" app to your site
  4. In the app setting, change "Mode" to "HTML Code"
  5. Copy & Paste following code into big empty box in Wix app:
  6. Please get your hitsteps API Key. ( Here is how )
  7. Replace HITSTEPS-API-CODE (around line 10) in Wix App with API code you just received. Make sure don't put any extra space or characters around.
  8. Save it using "Update" button
  9. Make sure "Show on all pages" is checked.

Your Hitsteps will now begin tracking visitor information.